How To Participate in A Trend

Original Tweets Provide Context For The Trend

Write original tweets using the hashtag. Spread or schedule your tweets evenly across the trending event time period.  10 to 12 original tweets spread over an hour is reasonable. If you exceed 100 tweets in an hour, your account will be suspended (for 1-2 hours) and you’ll end up in “Twitter Jail.”

If you write original tweets, try to provide context for the hashtag.  That way, someone who is interested in finding out what the trend is about can read the tweets and learn about our topic.

Note: Usually, it is not necessary to address your tweet to anyone (no @username is necessary). It depends on the specific instructions for the Twitter trending event.

Example Tweets:

The Outlander television series is outstanding and is a mush-have addition to your DVD/Blu-ray collection. #SassenachNews

Outlander Season 1 is a definite binge watch candidate. #SassenachNews

Watching Outlander is the next best thing to traveling to Scotland. #SassenachNews

Reply to or Quote Others Tweets

  1. Type the event hashtag in the Twitter search field.
  2. Select the “Live” or “All Tweets” view.
  3. Reply to and Quote others tweets. Remember to include 2-3 words AND the hashtag.
    Example Reply:  I totally agree! #Sassenachnews
  4. Do NOT retweet.  Retweets do not contribute to the trend.

Follow @OutlanderAmbass

If we are reaching a trend or are trending, you may see a tweet from @OutlanderAmbass to encourage us to keep tweeting or a tweet with a screenshot of our trending hashtag.  You may receive a thank you tweet from them for your support of Outlander during the event.